Dear Author,

When I was reading and enjoying the hell out of your fic, I kept imagining how certain sentences would sound, how I could convey your excellent dialogue aloud; what music might suit the mood of it; and perhaps, even what sound effects that would go well with it. In fact, I enjoyed reading your fic so much that I would very much like, with your permission, to record your story and share it so that others might enjoy it the way I did, too.

Please know that I will not claim your writing as my own, alter your prose unless for audio clarity, sell my recording of your work or share it outside of the fannish universe (but it is the internet, and things do happen). I will link back to your work so that listeners who have enjoyed the reading will be able to leave you feedback, and upon your request I will also give you a list of places that I have posted my recording to.

You have no obligation to listen to it, give feedback, pimp it, or even think of it ever again beyond your decision to grant/not grant permission, and I will not be offended in any way. The only obligation you have to me, should you grant me permission, is to respect the time and work I have put into my recording and understand that I have ownership over my performance.

If that's alright with you, it's a go! Drop me a line if you have any queries, or if you'd like to discuss it further. BTW, did I mention how much I love your fic? BECAUSE I DO ♥

P.S. If another podficcer comes along and wants to podfic the same fic, let them! I'm notoriously slow and love multiple interpretations.

P.P.S Have you considered putting up a blanket statement on your AO3 profile/Journal/Tumblr regarding your stance on transformative works like podfic? Because that would be AWESOME.

You can also find me on tumblr or twitter.